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Looking for a word? Search the words used in the entire language section. The search can be done in English, Unicode compliant Burmese Script, or in Romanization with 1-2-3 Tone System.

What is something called in Burmese? For example, try searching "stealth bomber" or "monkeypox" or or "Emotional Quotient". How do you translate a word, a term or a phrase? Example: search "stay-at-home order" or "UN Security Council" or "AHA centre" or "national reconciliation" or "global warming". How about "gymnasium"? That should be interesting.

How do you pronounce ဣန္ဒြေ ? What does it mean in English? Copy the word and paste it into the search box. Good luck if you make an attempt to type it in your smartphone App. Did you know that the country called တူရကီ has a new name? What is it called in English (or Turkish)?

Try standard English to Burmese dictionary entries you expect to find: "trustworthiness"; "unwavering"; "misgiving"; "whimsical"; "grudge"; "steadfastness".

Sometimes, you don't know how to spell a word, or just want to check whether you have spelled something correctly. That's why you look up the dictionary in the first place, and you feel lost staring at the search box. Then, you can either browse the dictionary or try Romanization: "ta1-rate-hsun2".

Color Codes: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, particles, postpositional markers, interjections.