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Myanmar Language Vocabulary

Build Myanmar Vocabulary using spreadsheet.

The vocabulary listing by category with audio is too large to be in a single web page. As such, links are directed to lessons with vocabulary listed in sortable tables. If you are a serious learner from beginner to intermediate level, build up your own Top 500 to Top 1,000 Words from listing in lesson 36 to lesson 57 arranged in Vowel groups.

Additional resources can be found in full fledged Myanmar-English Dictionary. Particular words that you are looking for can also be searched from the search page.

Vocabulary lists

Common English Nouns
Common English Verbs
Common English Adjectives
Superlative terms
English prepositions
Words for daily activities
Common Burmese Adverbs
Measure Words
Restaurant Menu Items
Drinks & beverages
Meat & Fresh Seafood
Seeds & Nuts
Cooking Ingredients
Countries around the World
Family Relationships
Symptoms & Diseases
Human Anatomy
Sports & Games
Occupations & Job titles
Businesss & Industries
Shops & Work Places

Study tips

Make your own top 500 to top 1,000 word list using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice (free software) spreadsheet. Suggested column headings are shown above.

To be efficient in the study, pick your own words that are most useful to you. Give a ranking on usefulness of each word. Give yourself a score on how much you remember. You can create additional columns on listening comprehension and speaking as well as your own notes or mnemonics. Spreadsheets work wonder in sorting columns to group by categories and usefulness or identifying the areas of improvement with low scores.

If you have not learned the script, you can still proceed without the script column. Just use the Romanization as a guide.

Color Codes: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, particles, postpositional markers, interjections.