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Burmese words with Single Tones: 'Lit', 'Bit', 'Wit' Group

We will end the Burmese Vocabulary list with single tone words that sound like 'Bit', 'Fit', 'Jig', 'Kid', 'Lid', 'Nick', 'Pit', 'Myth'. Those words are romanized with "it" ending for consistency, so when you see the romanization "sit", MP3 Audio File it should be pronounced with silent "t".

Most words will end with either စ် | sa1 thut on the right side of the character, or modified consonant character. At least one word is spelled with ဇ် | za1 thut as in ယဇ် | yit meaning sacrificial offering.

In an exception, it is spelled with ​ေ | thway2-hto3 on the right side, and တ် | ta1 thut on the right as in ခေတ် | khit.

Some of those single tone words sound and romanized like existing English words. If you are viewing this page with google translator, beware that those words meant to show how they sound in English will be translated into your language, which was not the intention. Be sure to refer back to the original English page to see how the words sound.

If you are looking for more complete entries, please refer to Myanmar English Dictionary.

It | အစ်

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကျစ် | kjit MP3 Audio File - twist fiber into a rope; twist hair into braid.

    ကျစ်ဆံမြီး | kjit-hsun2 mi3 - hair that is twisted into braid; pig-tail.

    ကောက်ကျစ်စဉ်းလဲ | kout-kjit sin3-leare3 - cunning and dishonest.

  2. ကြစ် | kjit MP3 Audio File - less often used word for an eclipse. (Also see ကြတ် | kjut.)

  3. ခစ် | khit MP3 Audio File - snicker; vocalization of laughter by female often seen in the Burmese comics as in ခစ် ခစ် ခစ် ခစ် | khit khit khit khit - he he.

  4. ခေတ် | khit MP3 Audio File - era; period as in ဂျပန့်ခေတ် | ja1-pan1 khit - the time of Japanese Occupation around 1943 to 1945.

    ခေတ်ကုန် | khit kone2 - be out of fashion.

    ဒီပုံစံမျိုး ခေတ်ကုန်သွားပြီ။ | de2 pone2-zun2 myo3 khit-kone2 thwa3 byi2 - Designs such as this is no longer in fashion.

    ခေတ်ဆန် | khit hsun2 - be trendy.

    ဒါလေးမှ ခေတ်ဆန်မှာ။ | da2 lay2 hma1 khit hsun2 hma2 - This one is trendy (therefore we should pick this one over the others.)

    ခေတ်နောက်ကျ | khit nout-kja1 - be old-fashioned; be outdated.

    ဒါမျိုး အတွေးအခေါ်တွေ ခေတ်နောက်ကျကုန်ပြီ။ | da2 myo3 a-tway3-a-khau2 dway2 khit nout-kja1 kone2 byi2 - Those kinds of ideologies are outdated.

    ခေတ်ပညာ | khit pyin2-nya2 - modern education.

    ခေတ်ပေါ် | khit pau2 - modern.

    ခေတ်ပေါ် တေးဂီတ | khit pau2 tay3 ge2-ta1 - contemporary music.

    ခေတ်မီ | khit hmi2 - be modern.

    ဒီအဘွားကြီး အတော် ခေတ်မီသားပဲ။ | de2 a-pfwa3-ji3 a-tau2 khit hmi2 dtha3 beare3 - This old lady is quite chic. Not bad!

    ခေတ်ဟောင်း | khit houn3 - yesteryears; bygone days; good old days.

    ခေတ္တ | khit-ta1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] for a while; temporarily.

    လုပ်ငန်းများ ခေတ္တဆိုင်းငံ့ထားသည်။ | loat-ngan3 mya3 khit-ta1 hsine3-ngan1 hta3 dthi2 - Business is temporarily suspended.

  5. ချစ် | chit; chit MP3 Audio File

    (1) love.

    (2) burnt.

    ချစ်ကြည်ရေး | chit-kji2 yay3 - goodwill & friendship.

    ချစ်စနိုး | chit sa1-no3 - affectionately.

    ချစ်ချစ်ဟု ချစ်စနိုးခေါ်သည်။ | chit-chit hu1 chit sa1-no3 khau2 dthi2 - (He) calls (her) affectionately as "Chit Chit".

    ချစ်စရာလေး | chit-sa1-ya2-lay3 - something cute; lovely thing.

    ဟယ်၊ ကလေးလေး ချစ်စရာလေးတော့။ | heare2, kha1-lay3-lay3 chit-sa1-ya2-lay3 tau1 - [spoken by female] The baby is so cute!

    ချစ်သူ | chit-thu2 - lover; sweetheart.

    Other usages:

    ချစ်ချစ်တောက်ပူ | chit-chit-tout pu2 - be blazingly hot.

    မွန်းတည့်ချိန်တွင် နေချစ်ချစ်တောက်ပူသည်။ | moon3-teare1-jain2 dwin2 nay2 chit-chit-tout pu2 dthi2 - The sun is blazing hot at noon.

    ချစ်တီး | chit-ti3 - Tamil money lender during colonial days.

  6. ခြစ် | chit MP3 Audio File

    (1) scrape; shred (green fruit, coconut.)

    ငါးဖယ်ခြစ် | nga1-pfeare2 jit - shredded featherback fish (fillet) used for cooking.

    ရေခဲခြစ် | yay2-geare3 jit - ice-lolly made from shaved ice with red and green colored sweet flavoring.

    သင်္ဘောသီးခြစ် | thin3-bau3-thi3 jit - shredded green papaya used as an ingredient in Burmese noddle-rice-vegetable salad.

    အုန်းသီးခြစ် | ome3-thi3 jit - shredded coconut garnished over some snacks such as ကောက်ညှင်းပေါင်း | kout-hnyin3 boun3 - steamed glutinous rice.

    (2) strike a matchstick as in မီးခြစ်ခြစ် | mi3-jit chit.

    (3) jit MP3 Audio File - shredder.

  7. ဂျစ် | jit MP3 Audio File - {English] Jeep as in ဂျစ်ကား | jit ka3.

  8. စစ် | sit; sit; sit MP3 Audio File

    (1) war; military.

    စစ်ကား | sit ka3 - military vehicle.

    စစ်ကူတောင်း | sit-ku2 toun3 - ask for support.

    စစ်ခုံရုံး | sit khone2-yone3 - military tribunal.

    စစ်ဆင်ရေး | sit hsin2 yay3 - military operations.

    စစ်ဌာနချုပ် | sit hta2-na1 joat - military headquarters.

    စစ်တက္ကသိုလ် | sit tet-ka1-tho2 - military academy.

    စစ်တပ် | sit tut - the Military.

    စစ်တန်းလျား | sit tan3-lya3 - military barracks.

    စစ်ပြေးဒုက္ခသည် | sit-pyay3 doat-kha1 dtheare2 - refugees fleeing from war.

    စစ်ပွဲ | sit pweare3 - battle.

    စစ်မှုထမ်းဟောင်း | sit-hmu1-dun3 houn3 - veteran.

    စစ်သား | sit tha3 - soldier.

    စစ်သံမှုး | sit thun2-hmu3 - military attache.

    စစ်သင်္ဘော | sit thin3-bau3 - warship.

    စစ်သုံ့ပန်း | sit thone1-bun3 - prisoner-of-war.

    စစ်သွေးကြွ | sit thway3-jwa1 - militant.

    စစ်အစိုးရ | sit a-so3-ya1 - military government.

    (2) genuine as in အစစ် | a-sit as opposed to အတု | a-tu1 - fake; imitation; artificial.

    (3) to question; interrogate; inspect; test as in စစ်ဆေး | sit-hsay3. MP3 Audio File

  9. ဆစ် | hsit; hsit MP3 Audio File

    (1) make a bargain as in ဈေးဆစ် | zay3 hsit.

    (2) joint or node as in အဆစ် | a-hsit. The same word could mean an extra bargain free portion given as a gift when selling meat, etc..

    Other usages:

    ခက်ဆစ် | khet-hsit - difficult word or phrase.

    ဖက်ဆစ်ဝါဒ | pfet-hsit wa2-da1 - fascism.

  10. ဇစ် | zit MP3 Audio File - [English] zipper.

  11. ညစ် | nyit MP3 Audio File

    (1) play foul.

    (2) be dirty; be filthy as in ညစ်ပတ် | nyit-pup.

    ညစ်ပတ်တယ်၊ မစားနဲ့။ | nyit-pup deare2. ma1-sa3 neare1 - Don't eat. It's dirty.

    ညစ်ညမ်း | nyit-nyan3 - be obscene.

    ညစ်တီးညစ်ပတ် | nyit-ti3 nyit-pup - filthily; obscenely.

  12. ညှစ် | hnyit MP3 Audio File

    (1) squeeze.

    (2) milk cow as in နွားနို့ညှစ် | nwa3-no1 hnyit.

    (3) extort money as in ပိုက်ဆံညှစ် | pike-hsun2 hnyit.

  13. တစ် | tit; tit MP3 Audio File ta1; MP3 Audio File da1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) be stuck as in တစ်ဆို့ | tit hso1.

    (2) one.

    တစ်ကောင်ကြွက် | da1-goun2 kjwet - all alone in the world; a person without relatives.

    တစ်ကိုယ်ကောင်းကြံ | da1-go2-goun3 kjan2 - scheme a selfish plot.

    တစ်ခါတစ်လေ | ta1-kha2 ta1-lay2 - [colloquial] sometimes; once in a while.

    တစ်ခါတစ်ရံ | ta1-kha2 ta1-yan2 - [literary] sometimes; once in a while.

    တစ်ခါတည်း | ta1-kha2-deare3 - at once.

    တစ်ခုလပ် | ta1-khu1 lut - divorcee.

    တစ်ချောင်းငင် | ta1-choun3-ngin2 - "L" shaped vowel shift symbol () used under the character or modified consonant character to get u1 sound.

    တစ်စုံတစ်ယောက် | ta1-zone2 ta1-yout - someone.

    တစ်ဆင့်ကြား | ta1-hsin1 ja3 - something heard second hand.

    တစ်နေကုန် | ta1-nay2 gome2 - all day.

    တစ်နေကုန် ထိုင်ကစား နေကြတယ်။ | ta1-nay2 gome2 htine2 ga1-za3 nay2 ja1 deare2 - They have been sitting and playing for the whole day.

    တစ်နည်းအားဖြင့် | ta1-ni3 ah3 pfyin1 - in other words.

    တစ်ပန်းရှုံး | da1-bun3 shone3 - be handicapped.

    တစ်ပန်းသာ | da1-bun3 tha2 - be on the upper hand.

    တစ်ပြိုင်နက် | da1-byine2 net - simultaneously.

    တစ်ပြုံကြီး | da1-byone2 ji3 - in large quantity, number, or amount at the same time.

    တစ်ဖက်ကမ်းခပ် | ta1-pfet-kun3 khut - excel in certain field, area, or subject.

    တစ်ဖက်သတ် | ta1-pfet-thut - unevenly matched; one-sidedly.

    တစ်ယောက်တစ်ပေါက် | ta1-yout da1-bout - (speak) not in unison but in disharmony.

    တစ်ယောက်တစ်လှည့် | ta1-yout ta1-hleare1 - in turn (take turn.)

    တစ်ရေးတစ်မော | ta1-yay3 ta1-mau3 - a refreshing nap.

    တစ်ရေးနိုး | ta1-yay3 no3 - wake up from a restful nap or sleep.

    တစ်လမ်းမောင်း | ta1-lun3 moun3 - one-way traffic.

    တစ်လျှောက် | ta1-shout - long continuity equivalent to "throughout".

    ဘဝတစ်လျှောက် | ba1-wa1 ta1-shout - throughout life.

    တစ်သမတ်တည်း | ta1 tha1-mut hteare3 - without change; constantly.

    တစ်သဝေမတိမ်း | ta1-thway2 ma1-tain3 - exactly.

    တစ်အောင့် | ta1-oun1 - a while.

    တစ်အောင့်နေကြရင် လာခဲ့မယ်။ | ta1-oun1 nay2 kja1 yin2 la2 kheare1 meare2 - I'll be there in a short while.

  14. ထစ် | htit MP3 Audio File

    (1) stutter; speak haltingly.

    ဒီလူ စကားထစ်တယ်။ | de2 lu2 za1-ga3 htit deare2 - This man stutters when he speaks.

    (2) make a notch as in လှေနံဓါးထစ် | hlay2 nun2 da3-dit - [proverb] (See explanation in lesson35.)

    (3) encounter hinderance or impediment; have a hitch.

    Other usage:

    ထစ်ချုန်း | htit-chone - let out aloud thunder.

    မိုးထစ်ချုန်းရွာမည်။ | mo3 htit-chone ywa2 myi2 - There will be rain with thunders.

  15. နစ် | nit MP3 Audio File

    (1) to sink.

    သင်္ဘောနစ်သွားပြီ။ | thin3-bau3 nit thwa3 byi2 - The ship has sunk.

    (2) drown.

    မောင်ဘ ရေနစ်ပြီးသေ၏။ | moun2-ba1 yay2 nit pyi3 thay2 e1 - Maung Ba has drown and died.

    Other usages:

    နစ်နာ | nit-na2 - suffer a loss of time, money or chance.

    နစ်နာကြေး | nit-na2-jay3 - compensation for loss or damages.

  16. နှစ် | hnit MP3 Audio File

    (1) year.

    နှစ်ချင်းပေါက် | hnit-chin3 bout - within a year.

    နှစ်စဉ်ကြေး | hnit-sin2 jay3 - annual fee.

    နှစ်ဆန်းတစ်ရက် | hnit-hsun3 ta1-yet - New Year's Day; the first day of New Year.

    နှစ်ပတ်လည် | hnit pup-leare2 - annual.

    နှစ်သစ်ကူး | hnit thit ku3 - New Year's Day.

    (2) two. (It will sound like hna1 when used as a prefix.)

    နှစ်ချောင်းငင် | hna1-choun3-ngin2 - tone change symbol ( ) to change the tone to u2.

    နှစ်ထပ်ကိန်း | hna1-htut kain3 - [Math] square of a number.

    နှစ်ထပ်ကိန်းရင်း | hna1-htut-kain3-yin3 - [Math] square-root of a number.

    နှစ်ထပ်ကွမ်း | hna1-htut koon3 - title for someone who is honored or awarded for the second time.

    နှစ်လုံးပြူး | hna1-lone3 byu3 - double-barreled gun.

    နှစ်ဦးနှစ်ဖက် | hna1-u3 hna1-pfet - both parties.

    Other usages:

    နှစ်ခြိုက် | hnit chite
    နှစ်သက် | hnit thet - like something; be pleased; be delighted.

    နှစ်ခြင်းမင်္ဂလာ | hnit-chin3 min2-ga1-la2 - baptism; the event where a person is baptized.

    နှစ်ထောင်းအားရဖြစ် | hnit-htoun3 ah3-ya1 pfyit - be overjoyed.


    ဒီသတင်း | de2 dtha1-din3 - this news

    ကြားရလို့ | kja3 ya1 lo1 - after hearing

    ဘဘကြီးတို့ | ba1-ba1-ji3 doh1 - old Uncle and

    အားလုံး | ah3-lone3 - all of us

    နှစ်ထောင်းအားရဖြစ် | hnit-htoun3 ah3-ya1 pfyit - overjoyed

    မိ | mi1 - couldn't help but

    ပါတယ် | ba2 deare2 - polite ending word

    ကွယ်။ | kweare2 - the tone of empathy.

    ဒီသတင်းကြားရလို့ ဘဘကြီးတို့အားလုံး နှစ်ထောင်းအားရ ဖြစ်မိပါတယ် ကွယ်။ | After hearing this news, this old Uncle and all of us were overjoyed!

    နှစ်နှစ်ခြိုက်ခြိုက် | hnit-hnit chite-chite - soundly (sleep); (enjoy) very much.

    နှစ်သိမ့် | hnit-thain1 - console.

    နှစ်သိမ့်ဆု | hnit-thain1 hsu1 - consolation prize.

  17. ပစ် | pyit MP3 Audio File

    (1) shoot.

    (2) throw away.

    Other usages:

    ပစ်စလက်ခတ် | pyit-sa1-let-khut - in a sloppy, untidy and careless manner.

    ပစ်စာတင် | pyit-sa2 tin2 - send an anonymous letter of complaint.

    ပစ္စည်း | pyit-si3 MP3 Audio File - (1) belonging; product; material. E.g., ကားပစ္စည်း | ka3 pyit-si3 - Automobile Parts & Accessories. (2) [grammar] particle used to modify nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

    ပစ္စုပန် | pyit-soat-pan2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] the present time; today; the moment of here and now.

  18. ပျစ် | pyit; pyit MP3 Audio File

    (1) thick (fluid such as a thick soup.)

    (2) be stuck or lumped together.

    နှမ်းပျစ် | hnun3 byit - sweet snack made of sesame seeds.

    Other usage:

    စပျစ်သီး | za1-byit thi3 - grapes.

  19. ပြစ် | pyit MP3 Audio File - sin; wrongdoing; crime as in အပြစ် | a-pyit.

    ပြစ်ဒဏ် | pyit dun2 - punishment; sentence.

    ပြစ်မှား | pyit hma3 - commit wrongdoing; sin against.

    ပြစ်မှု | pyit hmu1 - crime; criminal offence.

  20. ဖျစ် | pfyit MP3 Audio File - squeeze.

    ဖျစ်ညှစ် | pfyit hnyit - forcibly.

  21. ဖြစ် | pfyit MP3 Audio File

    (1) happen; occur.

    ဘာဖြစ်တာလဲ။ | ba2 pfyit da2 leare3 - What happened? What's going on?

    ဘယ်ဖြစ်ပါ့မလဲ။ | beare2 pfyit pa1 ma1 leare3 - That's impossible. We cannot let this happen.

    ဖြစ်ပါ့မလား။ | pfyit pa1 ma1-la3 - Are you sure this can be done? Are you sure we can make this happen?

    ဖြစ်မှဖြစ်ရလေကွယ်။ | pfyit hma1 pfyit ya1 lay2 kweare2 - What a pity!

    ရန်ဖြစ်နေကြတယ်။ | yan2 pfyit nay2 ja1 deare2 - They are quarreling.

    အောင်မြင် ဖြစ်မြောက်အောင် လုပ်ကြ။ | oun2-myin2 pfyit myout oun2 loat ja1 - Make this happen.

    (2) the verb "be"; declarative word, or the word explaining the nature, truth, state, condition, or situation.

    ဤကိစ္စသည် ဤကဲ့သို့ဖြစ်သည်။ | e2 kate-sa1 dthi2 e2-keare1-dtho1 pfyit dthi2 - This matter is such and such.

    ဖြစ်ခြင်းပြကြိယာ | pfyit chin3 pya1 ka1-ri1-ya2 MP3 Audio File - a type of verbs that show the occurrence, state, or condition.

  22. ဗျစ် | byit MP3 Audio File - [Literary] beer as in ဗျစ်ရည် | byit-yay2 [French: biere.]

  23. မဇ္ဈိမ | myit-zi1-ma1 MP3 Audio File - middle; moderate way.

  24. မေတ္တာ | myit-ta2 MP3 Audio File - loving-kindness.

    မေတ္တာပို့ | myit-ta2 po1 - send the thoughts of loving-kindness to all beings.

    မေတ္တာရပ်ခံ | myit-ta2 yut-khan2 - make an earnest request.

    မေတ္တာလက်ဆောင် | myit-ta2 let-hsoun2 - complimentary gift.

  25. မြစ် | myit MP3 Audio File

    (1) river. E.g., ဧရာဝတီမြစ် | ay2-ya2-wa1-de2 myit - Ayeyarwaddy River.

    မြစ်ကမ်း | myit kun3 - river bank.

    မြစ်ဆုံ | myit hsone2 - confluence of smaller rivers to form a large river.

    မြစ်ဝကျွန်းပေါ် | myit-wa1 kjoon3-bau2 - delta region.

    မြစ်ဝှမ်း | myit whun3 - river valley.

    (2) great grandchild.

    Other usages:

    အသည်းအမြစ် | a-theare3 a-myit - gizzard and heart (such as that of chicken eaten as a delicacy.

  26. မျှစ် | hmyit MP3 Audio File - bamboo shoot.

    မျှစ်ချဉ် | hmyit chin2 - sour bamboo shoot.

  27. ယစ် | yit MP3 Audio File - be intoxicated as in မူးယစ် | mu3 yit.

    မူးယစ်ဆေးဝါး | mu3-yit hsay3-wa3 - narcotics; drugs.

  28. ယဇ် | yit MP3 Audio File - sacrificial offering.

    ယဇ်ပူဇော် | yit pu2-zau2 - make sacrificial offerings.

  29. ရှိခိုး | shit-kho3 MP3 Audio File - pay obeisance as in ဘုရားရှိခိုး | pfa1-ya3 shit-kho3 MP3 Audio File - Burmese Buddhists to raise the palms together in kneeling position to pay respect in front of the image of the Buddha.

  30. ရှစ် | shit MP3 Audio File - eight.

  31. လစ် | lit MP3 Audio File

    (1) slip away.

    တောက်၊ ဒီကောင် ဘော်လုံးပွဲကြည့်ဖို့ လစ်သွားပြန်ပြီ။ | TOUT! de2-koun2 bau2-lone3-bweare3 kji1 bo1 lit thwa3 pyan2 byi2 - Darn! (clicking sound made with the tongue to show anger) This fellow has slipped out again to watch the soccer match.

    (2) lapse in consciousness as in သတိလစ် | dtha1-de1 lit.

    (3) take opportunity of the moment when no one is watching or anticipating and make an attack or steal.

    ပိုက်ဆံအိတ်ကို အလစ်သုတ်သွားတယ်။ | pike-hsun2-ate go2 a-lit thoat thwa3 deare2 - (the thief) had snatched the purse when no one was looking.

    Other usage:

    လစ်လပ် | lit lut - be vacant; be inadequate.

  32. လှစ် | hlit MP3 Audio File

    (1) open as in ဖွင့်လှစ် | pfwin1 hlit.

    (2) define the meaning of a word.

  33. ဝစ္စပေါက် | wit-sa1 pout MP3 Audio File

    ဝစ္စနှစ်လုံးပေါက် | wit-sa1 hna1-lone3 pout - tone change symbol in Myanmar language to indicate the third tone. The symbol looks like an English punctuation mark colon (:).

  34. သစ် | thit; thit MP3 Audio File

    (1) new as in အသစ် | a-thit.

    ကိစ္စမရှိဘူး၊ အသစ်ထပ်ဝယ်မယ် | kate-sa1 ma1-shi bu3. a-thit htut weare2 meare2 - It doesn't matter, I will buy a new one.

    အသစ်ကြီးပဲ ရှိသေးတယ် | a-thit ji3 beare3 shi1 thay3 deare2 - It's still brand new. (The sentence could be followed by "Why did you throw it away?")

    (2) tree as in သစ်ပင် | thit pin2.

    သစ်ကိုင်း | thit kine3 - tree branches.

    သစ်ကြားသီး | thit-kja3 dthi3 - walnut.

    သစ်ကြံပိုး | thit ja1-bo3 - cinnamon.

    သစ်ချသီး | thit-cha1 dthi3 - chestnut.

    သစ်ခွပန်း | thit-khwa1 bun3 - orchid.

    သစ်ခွရည် | thit-khwa1 yay2 - vanilla syrup.

    သစ်ငုတ် | thit ngoat - tree stump.

    သစ်တော | thit tau3 - forest.

    သစ်တော်သီး | thit-tau2 thi3 - Asian pear.

    သစ်တုံး | thit tone3 - log.

    သစ်ပင် | thit pin2 - tree.

    သစ်ပင် တစ်ပင် | thit-pin2 da1-bin2 MP3 Audio File - a tree.

    သစ်ပွ | thit pwa1 - soft wood.

    သစ်သား | thit-tha3 - timber.

    သစ်သီးဝလံ | thit-thi3 wa1-lun2 - fruits.

    သစ်အယ်သီး | thit-eare2 dthi3 - sweet chestnut.

    Other usages:

    ကျားသစ် | kja1-thit - leopard.

    သစ်ကုလားအုတ် | thit ka1-la1-oat - giraffe.

    သစ်ကျုတ် | thit-kjoat - cheetah.

    သစ်နက် | thit-net - panther.

    သစ္စာ | thit-sa2 MP3 Audio File - (1) loyalty; faithfulness to one's girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. (2) truth as in သစ္စာလေးပါး | thit-sa2 lay3 ba3 - The four Noble Truth.

    ဒုက္ခသစ္စာ | doat-kha1 thit-sa2 - The truth of "Dukkha".

    သမုဒယသစ္စာ | tha1-moat-da1-ya1 thit-sa2 - Root cause of "Dukkha".

    နိယောဓသစ္စာ | ni1-yau3-da1 thit-sa2 - The cessation of "Dukkha".

    မဂ္ဂသစ္စာ | met-ga1 thit-sa2 - The path leading to cessation of "Dukkha".

  35. သေတ္တာ | thit-ta2 MP3 Audio File - chest; suitcase; baggage, luggage.

    ရေခဲသေတ္တာ | yay2-geare3 thit-ta2 - fridge; refrigerator.

  36. ဟစ် | hit MP3 Audio File - shout loudly as in အော်ဟစ်ကြွေးကြော် | au2-hit kjway3-kjau2.

  37. အစ် | it MP3 Audio File

    (1) small cylindrical boxes to serve nuts, pickled tea leaves, etc..

    (2) Muslim religious "Id day" as in အစ်နေ့ | it nay1.

Color Codes: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, particles, postpositional markers, interjections.

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ချစ် | chit - love MP3 Audio File
  2. စစ် | sit - war MP3 Audio File
  3. ညစ် | nyit - be dirty MP3 Audio File
  4. တစ် | tit - one MP3 Audio File
  5. နစ် | nit - sink MP3 Audio File
  6. နှစ် | hnit - two MP3 Audio File
  7. ပစ် | pyit - shoot; throw MP3 Audio File
  8. ဖြစ် | pfyit - happen MP3 Audio File
  9. မြစ် | myit - river MP3 Audio File
  10. သစ် | thit - wood MP3 Audio File